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CVD/DVD for Taar & Setaar Study and repair In English and Persian languages.

There are many famous maestros in Iranian Tar and Setar with different techniques. It is a fortune to attend their classes. For many people it is impossible to have access to these classes, specially outside IRAN.

Our institution is to help the people with no access to expert instructors and also to spread the art of Iranian music outside the mother state. After getting familiar with the basic studies, you could follow up with the style of your favorite maestro and your favorite notations and songs.

We have published the following CVD/DVD's (your choice) in basic Tar and Setar study and repair. DVD is to be played on regular DVD player and CVD is to be played on PC. CVD is better for study since it is easy to loop each lesson.

1-Tar and Setar study by ear and notations - Our 2008 two hours Tar and Setar CVD/DVD and related notations is to instruct you our new allocated study style. This study style is based on picking up by ear and following up by notations. It is to teach you the secrets of "Nine essential plucking patterns" of Persian instruments. We follow up by playing some notations in Mahur Dasgah. The notations are from "Books 1&2 of Honarestaan e Musighi e Iran"to instruct you the notation playing.

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Books 1&2 of Honarestaan e Musighi e Iran $50.00

2-Tar/Setar repair- 2006 CVD/DVD- There are many students that they want to repair their Setar/Tar's strings, Skins, frets, tune lossening, bridge adjustment, etc... And do not have access to expert instructors to get help. We have produced this to help students in Tar & Setar repairs $ 40.00

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Tar & Setar Repair $50.00

How to order : You could pay us by "paypal", our account: alex@ahmadborhani.org - or you could mail us your check or money order in the order of "PNME Music" to the following address in the USA(shipping is free inside the US):

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