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Our library includes a list of the most important books written related to Persian music. We only sell our own high lighted publications. The rest of the books are not for sale but people could borrow them for a one month limited period of time in case of need.

A: Persian Music History

  • Raz Va Niaz ( in English) Published by Mage Publication, USA
  • Sargozasht-e- mosighi-e Iran (2 volumes in Persian) by: R. Khaleghi
  • Vijegi ha-e- Santur dar mosighi-e- Iran (in Persian) by M. Setayeshgar
  • Zamine-e- shenakht-e musighi-e Irani( in Persian) by F. Joneydi

B: Persian Music Theory

  • Al Advar Fi Musighi & Sharh-e Al Advar (in Persian & Arabic) by: S. Ormavy& A. Maraghi
  • Haft dastgah mosighi-e Iran (in Persian) by M. Kiani
  • A new approach to the theory of Persian Music ( in Persian & English) by: D.Talai
  • Radief-e avazi musighi-e Iran (in Persian & French) by: M. Karimi & M. T.Masoudiyyeh
  • Radief-e haft dastgah (in Persian) by: M. Maeroofi & M. Barkeshli

C: Etudes in Santur:

  • Santur tuning, by A. Borhani (with the video tape)
  • Etude in Santur 1, by A, Borhani (with the video tape)
  • Etude in Santur 2, by A. Borhani (with the video tape)
  • 7 Pieces in Shure (intermediate), by A. Borhani (with the video tape)
  • 5 Chaharmezrabbs in Shure (advanced), by A. Borhani (with the video tape)
  • Radief Avaz e Afshari (advanced), by A. Borhani (with the video tape)
  • Santur and Hammered Dulcimer (advanced), by A. Borhani (with the video tape)

" Note: all the books by A. Borhani are in Persian & English "

The following books are just in Persian, except pulished by Ahmad Borhani:

  • Radief-e-Santur1, by A. Sabaa
  • Radief-e-Santur2, by A. Sabaa
  • Radief-e-Santur3, by A. Sabaa
  • Radief-e-Santur4, by A. Sabaa
  • Khod Aamuz-e- Santur, by H. Sabaa
  • Dastur-e-Santur, by F. Payvar
  • Hast Aahang, by F. Payvar
  • 30 Chahar Mezraabs, by F. Payvar
  • Duets for Santur & other instruments, including: Parnian, Fanus, Goftegu,Rahgozar-Payvar
  • Musighi-e-Majlesi, by A. Payvar
  • Reng-e-Shahr Ashub, by F. Payvar
  • Dovre-e-Ebtedai-e-Santur, by F. Payvar
  • Pishdaramads & Rengs, by F. Payvar
  • Radief-e- Chap Kook, by A. Payvar
  • 20 Pieces for Santur, by P. Meshkutian
  • 18 Pieces for Santur, by P. Meshkutian
  • Chahaar Mezraab-e- Shur, by P. Meshkutian
  • 12 Maghaam-e- Musighi-e- Iran, by A. Atraai
  • Assaar-e- Habib-e-Somaai, by A. Atraai
  • Aamuzesh-e-Moghaddamati-e Santur, by A. Tahmaasebi
  • Naghmeh- 27 Ahang, by A. Behjat
  • Duet for Santurs, by H. Dehlavi
  • Duet for Santur & Taar, by M. Delnavaazi
  • Shiva, by A. Khoshdel

Etuds in Taar & Setaar:

  • Dastur-e-Taar1, by A. Vaziri - Khod Aamuz-e-Taar va Setaar1, Honarestaan-e-Musighi (with 2 audio tapes)
  • Khod Aamuz e-Taar va Setaar2, Honarestaan-e-Musighi ( with 2 audio tapes)
  • Mezrab Tecniques for Taar, by A. Hejaazi
  • Asaar-e-Darvish khan, by A. Tahmaasebi
  • 10 Tamrin Baray Taar, by Hosein Alizadeh
  • Dastur-e-Setaar, by Hosein Alizadeh, including 2 audio tapes
  • A DVD/CVD for Taar & Setaar study (Honarestaan Books), by A. Borhani in English & Persian
  • A DVD/CVD for Taar & Setaar repair- by A. Borhani in English & Persian

Etuds in Violin:

  • Dastur-e-Violin1, by A. Vaziri
  • Violin book1, by Honarestaan-e-Musighi
  • Violin book2, by Honarestaan-e-Musighi
  • Violin book3, by Honarestaan-e-Musighi
  • Violin book4, by Honarestaan-e-Musighi
  • Radief-e-Violin1, by A. Sabaa
  • Radief-e-Violin2, by A. Sabaa

Etuds in Tomback:

  • Aamuzesh-e-Tomback, by H. Tehraani (with the audio tape)
  • Aamuzesh-e-Tomback, by M. Esmaaili (with the audio tape)
  • A DVD/CVD for tombak study (Tehrani's etude), by A. Borhani in English & Persian

Etud in Oued:

  • Barbat Navazi, by Mansur Nariman

Etud in Ney:

  • Ney Navazi, by M.A. Kiani nejad

Etud in Daff:

  • Daf etude by Akhavan
  • A DVD/CVD for Daff study, by A. Borhani in English & Persian