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Ahmad Borhani (AKA Alex Brown) A.A; B.A. from Tehran and Mashhad Universities- Iran; Composer and Conductor, music instructor since 1969{ a previous member of Mashhad University, Center of the Development of Children and Young Adults, Iranian National TV(Mashhad Center), Ministry of Art(Mashhad District)} established PNME in 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The ensemble has nonstop activities in performing music since 1985 and it is known as the most organized and dependable group in its category. Ahmad Borhani is an artist member of Maryland State Arts Council and he is the Maryland State music awards winner as maestro, composer and soloist, 2004-2007. He has taught hundreds of students locally and globally.

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PNME Performance Sample at Smithsonian- Washington DC- 2007